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BARRA, A.E., H. CHADHA & R. DIOGO (2022). First detailed musculoskeletal study of a fetus with scoliosis and review of current literature. European Journal of Anatomy 26:241-249.

Mar 8, 2022

No papers have described, so far, the muscular anomalies present in human fetuses with scoliosis.
This paper provides a detailed report along with images on the musculoskeletal structures of a fetus with scoliosis, focusing in particular on the musculature of the posterior thoracic region. The dissections reveal several anomalies in different muscle groups secondary to the severe curvature of the spine. This study, which is part of a broader attempt to describe and collect knowledge about human musculoskeletal abnormalities occurring in congenital scoliosis, as well as in a plethora of other conditions and syndromes, will likely lead not only to a greater understanding of congenital scoliosis in particular and human congenital malformations in general, but also to wider discussions on developmental and evolutionary biology. Such studies are crucial to help in the diagnosis and management options to improve quality of life in patients diagnosed with congenital scoliosis in particular.

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