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Rui Diogo

A multi-awarded researcher, speaker, and writer, is well-known for tackling major scientific challenges and societal issues. His extensive body of work includes the publication of 20 books and over 160 papers in esteemed scientific journals. His groundbreaking research on human evolution has gained widespread recognition and attention from major global media outlets, including BBC, CNN, and The New York Times, with more than 600 media pieces published in more than 50 countries about his research. Engaging with a diverse audience, he has participated in numerous TV interviews, documentaries, TED talks and radio shows, collaborating with media outlets worldwide. His research experiences extend to remote areas in Africa and Asia, having traveled to about 150 countries. He is committed to challenging norms and advocating for inclusivity, significantly influencing global discourse about human evolution, biology and diversity, as exemplified by three of his later books, the highly-acclaimed “Evolution Driven by Organismal Behavior“ and, more recently, “Meaning of Life, Human Nature and Delusions“, and “Darwin’s Racism, Sexism and Idolization“.

Our Team

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The RuiDiogoLab offers postdoctoral researchers and students a prosperous, resourceful, and multidisciplinary research environment, in which new and bold ideas are welcomed, and in which students and postdocs have the needed independence and liberty to develop their own projects, being commonly the first authors of papers and books. 

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Michel Chardon

Biology PhD 

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Biological Anthropology PhD

The research done at this lab would never have been possible without the opportunities provided by the advisors of Diogo's biology PhD - Michel Chardon - and Biological Anthropology PhD - Bernard Wood.



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UX/UI Designer

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