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Diogo is an active member of PROJECT PRIMATE, INC. (PPI), based in Washington DC: obtain funds to support chimpanzee protection, care and release in the wild, habitat protection, and measures against pet and meat markets ( 

Rui Diogo is also the PI of a the NSF-funded Visible Ape Project (VAP,, which provides a platform to compare anatomical structures between different ape species as well as between apes and humans. VAP is useful to evolutionary biologists, anthropologists, veterinarians and comparative anatomists, as well as to students, professors and the broader public, bringing awareness of the remarkable similarities between ourselves and our closest living relatives - many of them in risk of extinction. Accordingly, that project includes dissemination and outreach activities particularly focused on minority/underprivileged communities in the U.S. and rural populations that in regions inhabited by apes, in Africa and Asia.

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